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I am Mistress Kittin aka Smoke Mistress and I am a Smoke Fetishist.

In October of 1996 I answered a personal ad in the LA Weekly that read "Cigarette or Cigar Smoking, confident, beautiful, sexy female who understands the allure of her smoking, desired by (yada yada) Smoke rings and French inhaling a plus." Naturally I answered and soon learned of the Smoke Fetish phenomenon. My life would never be the same.

Femdom and the Smoking Fetish
Smoking Fetish Tools of the Trade

Smoke Fetish is both and art form and a life time addiction. I have spent the last couple years shooting many aspects of the fetish. With each new gallery and each new cigarette came a desire to learn and explore. Ultimately all of which has lead to this website documenting my exploration of Smoke Fetish.

I began my presence in the Smoke Fetish community as a result of modeling for Yes, I am the same Kittin. I shot two videos one cigar and one cigarette and some galleries. Then I assumed the cyber identity of where I literally chatted with hundreds of you while smoking on line. Over the years I have dated, dominated and had sex with men and women who have the fetish. Intense is the word I use to describe my experiences.

Sexy Women Smoking

Shortly after my intro to Smoke Fetish, I began frequenting the LA fetish nightclub scene. During this time I was chatting on line as SmokeGirl and dating a few Smoke Fetish Guys (SFG's). Then I met Mistress Simone of Los Angeles and we began a friendship and she trained me as a Domme and I became a lifestyle Mistress for over two years before I decided to turn professional. During my Mistress training I learned and took a distinct liking to Smoke Play. This includes human ashtrays, cock & ball burning, forced smoking, cigarette/cigar torture, mask play and many other fun things. Since I already had the fetish it was natural that I became a specialist in Smoke Play and I then assumed the name Smoke Mistress.

While shooting promotional pictures for my website, I inter mixed smoke shoots with my regular non-smoking shoots. Smoke Fetish Modeling is my art form. I started posting the galleries on my site. Then I started receiving email from SFG's allover the world. Many of the men were not even submissive. More and more of my sessions included Smoke Play and the SmokeMistress Yahoo Group was born. I subscribed to Smoke Signals magazine and then later joined the website where I post regularly on the message boards.

I live in the Hollywood Hills and have a full time corporate job by day. I Pro Domme on the side for my own amusement and live a BDSM lifestyle 24/7 outside of my vanilla job. My playground is Hollywood where I meet and hand select the beautiful and sexy smoking women and smoke slaves that will be featured in a variety of galleries and situations.

Smoke Fetish Glamour

With the launch of my new site you will see the website that I have always dreamed of creating. I have my own message board that has many features and I will be selecting moderators from throughout the community. You will see a variety of shots and styles in my galleries. Everything from professional Domme shots to what I call Commando style.

My journey has been a long one, I have smoked for over twenty years. I have quit several times over the years but one thing I can never quit is my fetish…

Come explore it with me.

Smoke Mistress

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